About Us

We are a nursery based in Arden predominantly covering the local area which includes Arden, Carnwadric, Darnley & Thornliebank.



At Butterfly Nursery we follow a child -centred approach, whereby each child is valued for who they are as an individual..

We recognise that parents/carers are the primary educators and aim to work in close partnership with yourselves and by providing support, advice and guidance.

Key Worker

Each child will be allocated a member of staff to be their key worker. This is your child’s special person, responsible for recording and maintaining your child’s experiences and development. This helps to build positive relationships with families that will enhance the shared care of your child.
Our Ethos

We view the nursery as a big house where children and families feel happy and safe in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Children are encouraged to freely explore and investigate their environment. Empowering and trusting the children to take responsibility for their environment enhances this trust and develops confidence in their abilities and respect for others.

Healthy, happy and positive environment
We hope to achieve this by raising awareness of healthy lifestyles incorporating; good diets, home baking, caring for an allotment, physical activity , recycling initiatives and respect for nature and the environment.

Meet our Staff

Wendy Carrigan : Head of Centre

Wendy commenced employment with the nursery in 1999 as a sessional worker.  Soon after she embarked on her training and attained her qualifications and has been Head of Centre since 2005.

Wendy is married with two daughters, one being Ashleigh who is one of our practitioners.  Wendy previously worked as a groom, looking after point to point horses and show ponies. She likes to keep fit and attends weekly classes of kick boxing, meta fit and zumba.

She loves all outdoor activities and is very animal orientated. 

Stephanie Finnigan : Senior Nursery Officer


Stephanie comes from a large family and has spent a lot of her spare time baby sitting! 

She has always enjoyed being with children, and this led her to make the decision to make it her career.

Stephanie has completed a qualification in Understanding  Autism.

Stephanie's interests include; reading, football and going to the cinema.


Ashleigh Carrigan : Lead Practitioner


When she is not working hard you will find her swimming, walking and spending quality time with her family, especially her 2 nieces.

She went to Malawi in 2011 to renovate and build local schools, as well as assisting Mary's Meals with their feeding programme

Ashleigh is our Lead Practitioner and is also currently studying her BA in Childhood Practice.

Zoe Robertson: Nursery Officer


Zoe was introduced to us through the local community 'Workingrite Programme' before commencing her training qualification through Carousel.  She was awarded an 'Apprenticeship of the Year Award' by Glasgow Guarantee.  
She has progressed to a full time position on the team.

Zoe has 2 children of her own who also attend the nursery.

Kate Reck : Nursery Officer

Kate is a keen cyclist and likes to keep fit. Kate has been working in childcare for 14 years.

Kate has also got a puppy called Ted.

Michelle Poole : Nursery Officer

Michelle enjoys collecting 50p and likes to participate in 10k runs to fundraise for charities.

Michelle also knows how to play the drum and got married in Vegas.

Michelle has Level 2 certificate in Understanding Autism.

Hayley White : Nursery Officer

Hayley plays and also voluntary coaches a children's basket ball team.

Hayley has also abseiled off the fourth rail bridge.

Connor Laurie: Apprentice Nursery Officer


Connor was a sports coach before starting his career in childcare.  He worked in after school care before commencing his apprenticeship with us.

Connor has been actively involved in The Scottish Government's campaign to recruit males in the early years sector.

Connor also participates in Muay Thai and Jujitsu as well as being a part time DJ at the weekend.

Becky Eve: Nursery Officer

While Becky was in high school, she went to Malawi to help refurbish classrooms for the children.

Becky can also play the guitar.

Caitlin Agnew : Nursery Officer

Caitlin knows how to play guitar.  She likes to go to the cinema and out with her friends in her free time.

Sophie Milton :  Nursery Officer

Sophie is double jointed.

Sophie likes going to the cinema and spending time with her niece and nephew.

Hannan Mazhur : Apprentice Nursery Officer

Hannan undertook an Islamic course which took her 6 years to complete.  Now, she is qualified to teach others in this context.

Zara Prentice: Apprentice Nursery Officer

Zara has a pet dog called Missy which has no front teeth which causes her tongue to constantly hang out.

Iona McArthur: Apprentice Nursery Officer

Iona is double jointed.

Iona has 2 cats which are called Cleo and Hepburn. These names are inspired by Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn.

Iona also likes to keep fit and attends the gym regularly.


Ann Dalton : Cleaner/Catering assistant

Ann is very hard working and this is shown through her commitment towards her 2 jobs.

She has competed various training including;  First Aid, Fire Safety, Child Protection, Food Hygiene.

Ann has 2 children that are in high school and a nephew that also attends the nursery.