OH! Oral Health Production

posted 13 Oct 2014, 07:22 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 13 Oct 2014, 07:31 ]

We were fortunate enough to have this Oral Health Production funded for us by the local early years forum. 
The children and staff had a fabulous time and the production was excellent.  We are looking to raise enough funds to have them come back out and repeat the show for the morning children.

Pre-School Summer Trip

posted 13 Jul 2014, 14:25 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 13 Jul 2014, 14:26 ]

The remainder of the children will go to the Farm Park on Friday 18th July and photos will be posted of this trip too.

Graduation 2014

posted 13 Jul 2014, 13:57 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 13 Jul 2014, 14:11 ]

  It is time to say goodbye  today                                                                     Our time together is done                                                                                 We sang, we read, we learned so much                                                          Remember all the fun.

  I send you on to learn some more                                                                  There’s more to learn it’s true                                                                          You’ll always be part of me...                                                                          I’ll be part of you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I saw the smile grow on your face                                                                  When you tackled something new,                                                                 I watched as you sparkling eyes lit up,                                                            my eyes, they glistened too!                                                                                                                                                                                                         I know you have hard work ahead                                                              With challenges all new                                                                                   All that we’ve learned together this year                                                     Will support you through and through.

  I wish you well, I’ll cherish you                                                                      As you walk out the door today,                                                                 know for certain where ever you go                                                                You’re in my heart to stay.

With love and best wishes from all at Butterfly Nursery

Woody Guy

posted 30 Jan 2014, 01:32 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 30 Jan 2014, 01:32 ]

Beautifully hand crafted wooden gifts made to specification;  family trees, coasters, mirrors and Stick Man!
Brochures available in the Welcome Area.


posted 28 Jan 2014, 09:12 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 30 Jan 2014, 01:22 ]

We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party...lots of dancing, games, party food and then Santa arrived with his gold sleigh and presents for us all!


Whoops a Daisy Angel

posted 28 Jan 2014, 06:58 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 28 Jan 2014, 06:59 ]


Children in Need

posted 28 Nov 2013, 04:41 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 28 Nov 2013, 04:41 ]


A big thanks to all who donated to this cause by wearing their pyjamas or buying one of the              teddies or bands.  

We raised a total of £63.60


posted 4 Nov 2013, 06:25 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 4 Nov 2013, 06:25 ]

The children's costumes were fabulous again this year and our winners are Daria for the morning session and Carla for the afternoon.  Both costumes were hand made and a lot of effort was put into their creations.

Blair and the submarine!

posted 25 Oct 2013, 08:21 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 25 Oct 2013, 08:21 ]

Blair went to meet one of the Dad's returning home from sea, he had a great time but forgot to take his jacket and got wet!

Onesie Day!

posted 25 Oct 2013, 07:58 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 25 Oct 2013, 07:58 ]

A big thank you to all who donated to Onesie Day!  We raised £41.40 which will go to the Sunday Mail Centenary Fund.

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