We have outlined some key policies below and the following policies can be viewed, downloaded or printed from here.

  • Child protection
  • Absence
  • Collection
  • Promoting Positive behaviour

Child Protection Policy

“It’s everyone’s job to make sure I’m alright” (Child Protection Audit and Review Nov.2002)

Should any member of staff have concerns regarding the welfare and safety of any child they have a duty of care to report these concerns to the Head of Establishment/Depute.  He/she, after judging that there may be grounds for concern regarding the welfare or safety of any child must then immediately advise the duty Senior Social Worker at the local Social Work Services;

 Phone: 0141 287 0556  

Fax: 0141 276 1201

Email: scdchildrenandfamilies@glasgow.gov.uk

If necessary the concerns may have to be referred to the Police by calling;

·         999

·         Pollok, 37 Brockburn Road, G53 5BG.  Tel: 0141 532 5600

The referral can be made by either the Head/Depute or the staff member raising the concern.

The referral will:

·         be supported with ‘Notification of Concerns About a Child to Social Work Services’ documentation

·         be recorded accurately in our ‘Care and Welfare Chronologies’  which are located in the confidential files

·         be submitted as a notification to the Care Inspectorate


To ensure best practice:

Staff – Are briefed about this policy at their induction and receive annual training                                                                                                    CP Co-ordinator- Attends specific Child Protection training provided by Glasgow City Council bi-annually  Parents/Carers- Receive a copy of this procedure at their child’s induction and further information is on Public Display                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Children-Are confident and comfortable in our care which reflects both GIRFEC and the Children’s Charter


The Statutory Guidance for Early Learning and Childcare is available in our Policy Folder or at:


Further Information and guidance from ‘The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 can be found at:




Children can only be collected by persons named on their pick up list. Any variation must be confirmed with Head of Centre and a consent form completed by both parties.




If your child is unable to attend the Nursery, it would be appreciated if we could be notified on the first day of absence. As there is such a high demand for Nursery places, if your child has not attended for a period of two weeks without contact we will assume that you no longer require the place. Glasgow City Council stipulates that children should not be admitted if he/she is suffering from diarrhoea, measles, chickenpox, mumps, or any other infectious ailments.




Should your child need to take medication whilst in our care, parents/carers should inform the Head of Centre and fill out an Administration of Medication form.

Illness and accidents

If your child becomes ill while at Nursery we will contact you immediately. In the extreme event of anything serious, we have three members of staff qualified in first aid and your child would be taken to hospital if required. The nearest Accident and Emergency Unit is in the Victoria Infirmary.


Notification of change in personal details:


Staff must be informed of any change of name, address, telephone numbers and emergency contacts immediately to keep accurate files on each child for reasons of safety. 


Visits and outings: 


Your consent will be sought whenever your child is going on an excursion that requires them to travel by bus, coach, train or taxi. 

If you wish your child to take part in local outings e.g. local parks, library, shops, you should sign the Local Consent form, which is contained within the application pack. This will be valid for the duration of your child’s time at the Nursery.

Suitable clothing:

Children should wear soft-soled shoes and comfortable clothing, which is not their best, as they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of messy play activities on a daily basis. We try to ensure they wear aprons but accidents do happen. Please also ensure that your child has suitable clothing for outdoor play or when a local outing is planned. N.B. – No football colours please 


Emergency closure arrangements: 


The Nursery will be open on the times outlined, but on some occasions circumstances arise which mean the Nursery has to close. This may be due to severe weather, transport problems, power failures etc. If this happens, we will do our utmost to contact you to let you know the details of the closure. 


Evacuation drill: 


In the event of the staff having to evacuate the Nursery during opening hours we will move to: 


Glen Oaks Housing Office/Arden Community Centre

Tel: 0141 638 0999/0141 620 1190


No Smoking: 


The Nursery operates a No Smoking policy within the grounds at all times.

Service delivery

As we are always keen to improve our service, if you have any suggestions please let us know, your input is greatly appreciated

How to make a complaint                                                                                    Complaints can be made to group staff or board members.  There are two ways in which they can be made and heard: informally and formally.                                                If you do not wish to follow the nurseries complaints procedure as outlined in this process, you can complain directly to the Care Inspectorate by contacting:

Care Inspectorate

4th Floor

1 Smithhills Street

                                               PAISLEY PA1 1EB                                                                                                                                                                                           Tel: 0141 843 6840 / 0345 600 9527                 enquiries@careinspectorate.com