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Week beg 9th September

posted 6 Sep 2013, 05:28 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 6 Sep 2013, 05:41 ]

  Harvest – we will be collecting items to make harvest baskets to donate to senior citizens in the Community.   Please help us by donating an item to be included in the hampers.

Authorisation codes! These must be handed in by Tuesday in order to access your child’s funded nursery place.  If you have not received it yet please let Wendy or Margaret know.

Communication- Key workers shifts are from 8:30am to 4:30pm, therefore there are a number of communication methods in place for parents/carers to liaise with them; Group tables, weekly diaries, late shift diary and each member of staff has an email which is their name@butterflynursery.org