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Week beginning 16TH April

posted 16 Apr 2018, 01:38 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 16 Apr 2018, 01:38 ]

Our Chicks! .... Mumble, George, Rosie and Fluffy (now named Forrest Gump) after his exceptional recovery from splayed legs have settled well into their new enclosure with Daisy and Buttercup the rabbits.  Their outdoor hen house has been ordered and we will prepare this for when they are old enough to venture outside. One of our parents has suggested we put out a donation box for them which can be filled with sawdust, hay, chickfeed etc.  Great idea, thank you as this will be a great help. 

Bonus ball.....we were thinking of reintroducing this;  you buy a bonus ball for £1 per week and if your number is the bonus ball on Wednesday’s lotto draw you win £45

Football Cards....

Another possible fundraiser is our football cards, if you have a big family or would be able to take into your workplace please see Wendy for further details

Photographer .....We will distribute the photo proofs as soon as we get them back from Ali

Caterpillar cloakroom....please ensure you hang your child’s jacket on their own coathangers and store shoes in their labelled section