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Weekly Diary – Week beginning 20th November

posted 21 Nov 2017, 07:32 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 21 Nov 2017, 07:32 ]

Child to Keyworker  

                                                                               Please ensure you take your child to your keyworker at the beginning of each session.  For the Butterfly room there will be signs above the children’s trays indicating which area you will find their keyworker.

Nursery shoes                                                                                                   It would be a great help if you could mark your children’s shoes with their name or initials and replace in their bags daily as many are getting misplaced or mixed up.  We have delible pens that you can use, which will make a permanent mark.


Daily diary online                                                                       The Caterpiller Room are moving to producing the daily diaries online like the baby room.  This is a more eco efficient way and provides an opportunity for feedback from working or busy parents who may not have the time when they drop off or collect their child/ren.


Thank you to all who donated to this on Friday, we raised £49.50

Parent’s meetings                                                         Baby and Caterpillar rooms will take place on Tuesday 28th and Zoe and Connor’s groups will be Wednesday 29th and Ashleigh will speak to parents individually.

Wooden Pallet                                                                                         Stephanie and Kate are looking for a wooden pallet to create something special in the Caterpillar Room.  If you can help please speak to them directly.