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Loose Parts

posted 25 Feb 2019, 07:16 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 25 Feb 2019, 12:03 ]

It is great to offer this experience as it is materials with no specific set of directions. Children can direct their own learning with these items, the opportunities for creativity are endless! 

Tea Party

posted 25 Feb 2019, 06:45 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 25 Feb 2019, 07:04 ]

The boys and girls have been enjoying exploring the miniature tea sets throughout free play. Using their imagination to role play in different scenarios. So, we decided to have a real tea party with real china
cups, saucers and teapots. 

Snow day!!!

posted 6 Feb 2019, 02:47 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 25 Feb 2019, 06:34 ]


Terrible weather !!? …. yeah.... terrible fun!!!

Team work

posted 5 Feb 2019, 02:05 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 5 Feb 2019, 02:36 ]

Friday’s activity was a hit !!

The children were in a group of two with a liquorice lace loosely tied around each of their wrists. The children had to work as a team through communication, determination and patience. They could play freely around the playroom or explore some soft play equipment. The aim of the game was to last as long as possible without the lace breaking!
We were all so impressed with the children’s focused approach and great use of communication!!

Role play is so much fun and packed full of learning!

posted 14 Nov 2016, 13:13 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 13:25 ]

Role play may appear to be a very simple activity, yet through it, young children learn practical life skills such as interacting, co-operating and sharing with others. Role play provides opportunities for children to identify with the adult world. It is their understanding and and interpretation of what they have seen in their real world. It helps develop language skills; listen and talking with other people. It also helps children develop and understanding of what is being communicated through body language such as smiling and nodding.


Remembrance Day

posted 14 Nov 2016, 13:09 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 13:10 ]

One of our wonderful boys was so excited to tell us about his great great grandfather on Remembrance Day!


Being 'responsible'

posted 14 Nov 2016, 12:58 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 13:15 ]

The butterflies have been 'responsible' this week making sure that their new peers are feeling welcome and 'included' to our nursery! 
Well done boys and girls!

How to make pumpkin pie!

posted 14 Nov 2016, 12:52 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 12:52 ]

Today, some of our children asked to make 'pumpkin pie' as we had been carving pumpkins for the past few days. We all helped to dig the seeds out of the pumpkin and then mix the ingredients in a bowl and pour them into a pastry pie case. This was our first attempt so we thought we would ask the parents to try it out for us! Here is our results.....

Experimenting and making potions

posted 14 Nov 2016, 12:42 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 12:47 ]

The boys and girls have been exploring Halloween recently. We have been doing many different themed activities such as ; dressing up,role play, singing songs, playing games and also some arts and crafts. 
A fun activity that we loved was when we pretended to be witches and made a magic potion which bubbled and sizzled, it was fantastic!

We used a witches magic spell to make a magic rainbow today!!! It was exciting and interesting for all of us!

Harvesting fruit from the garden

posted 14 Nov 2016, 12:35 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 12:36 ]

Look at some of the delicious fruit we have found in our garden! Lots and lots of apples and even some autumn raspberries!

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