posted 28 Mar 2014, 09:18 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 2 Apr 2014, 01:32 ]

Lots of experiments....

Senses – identifying the senses and which part of the body is responsible for them

Properties of materials – that properties can change, altering their appearance and structure for example; solid to liquid

Electricity – What it is....Where it comes from...What items use electricity...and associated safety

Renewable energy – types of non/renewable energy, different uses and their effect on the environment

Volcanoes – Basic features, behaviours/actions and location in the world

Fossils – understanding of their existence and discovery, extended to Egyptian fossils and mummies

Life cycles- looking at frogs and butterflies, sequencing the circle of life

Light/Dark –basic understanding of the science related to shadows and rainbows.  Linking to day/night and how this relates to daily activities

Forces and motion – introduction into the basic concepts; push/pull, gravity, speed in relation to angle