posted 30 Jan 2014, 01:37 by Wendy Carrigan   [ updated 28 Feb 2014, 03:09 ]

What did we learn...?

Castles in Scotland, their locations and who stayed in them in Scotland.  (Royalty, knights, jesters etc.)


Tartan; exploring pattern and heritage.

Scottish songs and dialect; extending vocabulary and encouraging parent involvement through Scottish dictionary and childhood songs.

Famous Scottish artists; Charles Rennie Mackintosh style and design (visit to gallery)

Loch Ness monster; discussion-Fact or fiction.

Dancing, music and instruments (bagpipes); developing self expression and awareness of the link between culture and music.

Animals; specifically found or linked to Scotland.

Robert Burns; extending vocabulary and awareness of history and culture.

Landscape; awareness of natural beauty and features of our country; mountains, lochs, valleys etc.

Traditional food and baking; haggis, potato scones- develop senses and link food to country.

Scottish flag; symbols and patriotism.